Hotel Nusa CT
For the guest who is in town for business, the business center will be quite convenient for him/her as it is well equipped for the most particular business guests. There is free Wi-Fi for the guests’ use as well. In the hotel you will find a fitness center for your relaxation and good air conditioning all over.

Hotel Nusa CT Johor

Facilities & Free Services
  •     Wi-Fi services
  •     Coffee & Tea
  •     Astro & TV
  •     Telephone
  •     Lift Service
  •     Security and CCTV
  •     Lobby Wifi
With guards strategically stationed and out of the way, CCTV cameras at the parking area and other common places, security safes and a general air of safety, your mind will focus on relaxation and enjoyment as well as the company of your friends or family.